When does your Event Begin and End?
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When does your Event Begin and End?

When does your Event Begin and End?


Engaging with your target audience isn’t as easy as many may think, and one trap people tend to fall into is the assumption that the event starts and finishes when the doors open and close.

The customer journey is of most importance to both the event itself and the audience, as your interaction with this journey plays an essential role within the message you are trying to portray. A customer journey implies customer involvement at different levels- such as sensorial, physical, spiritual, emotional and rational. Customers respond variously to direct and indirect contact with your event for example. These customer experiences start from the very outset of the pre-exposure content and marketing, all the way to the post-exposure content after the event. Both play just as an important role as the middle (direct-exposure) content- the décor, the speakers, theme and mapping etc.



When it comes to the customer journey, it’s difficult to pinpoint where the post-exposure stops, and the pre-exposure starts. But for a first-time event, it is vital to interact and engage with your audiences from the very beginning. If you have read our previous insight into gamification, co-creation is an effective tool to immerse your audiences into the event process. Not only will your target audience be regularly updated, but they will feel that their voice is valued and develop a sense of connection to the event message… and get talking! There are many ways of interacting with the audience during the pre-exposure. They key is helping them to understand that the event is for them and that they are not just a replaceable attendee!


Direct Exposure.

Direct exposure is the actual sensual and physical experience the customer has purchased or aimed to participate in due to the pre-exposure or general interest. Although equally as important as the other exposures, this is main experience for your audience in which all expectations, ideas and hopes will be fulfilled at a satisfactory level or higher. This is what you have been working so hard for, it’s the time to present your message!



Your event has happened, it was a success and your audience received your message. What to do now? Prolong the experience!

Post-exposure creates a sense of ‘re-living’ the experience, and it also play a hidden role of pre-exposure for the next event. In some cases, the post exposure content produced by an organisation can make the customer see the experience in a different light and give that initial feeling of being there at that moment once again. It cements messages that were delivered during the event and evokes positive memories. It also makes the individual feel valued. Very often, post-event exposure involves a dialogue of sorts with the audience in the format of polls, questionnaires, feedback surveys and information sharing – all of which help shape future events and bring the event full circle.

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