The Power of Gamification
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The Power of Gamification

The Power of Gamification


Back in December, we predicted event trends for 2019, and with no surprise, technology was first on the list.

Whether we have an urge to recapture that feeling of escapism and reward from our childhood or whether some prefer play over work, event organisers, businesses and marketers are using gamification as a vital tool to engage with target audiences and employees.

We are all familiar with the feeling of gaining recognition; it encourages our motivation and behaviour in a positive manner. That is exactly how gamification works, it releases dopamine. And what motivates employees at work? A sense of competition, recognition and rewards.

So, why gamify your event?

The great thing about gamifying your event is that it can be incredibly easy to apply to the experience! Also, when executed efficiently, it’s an experiential way to ensure your audiences are engaged throughout and receive the message you want to deliver.

Whether your budget is big or small, there are plenty of creative ways to engage with your audience. Here’s how gamification can assist two tough areas of events to tackle.

Gamification for networking.

Whether you are socially dynamic or a complete introvert, networking can be a difficult activity to grasp effectively; every person has a different personality and strategies that work for some don’t for others. No one is a perfect networker, but it is a great a gateway to engage with clients, new and existing business partners and advance in your career, or even land that dream job!

Gamifying your networking experience gives your audience a little time to have some fun, hide those nerves and spice up the activity! Its also a great way to strip back those stubborn business personas and meet likeminded peers with a dash of authenticity.

Gamification for co-creation.

The goal of engaging with your audience doesn’t just begin and end on the day of the event. A great way to charm your audience and get them talking about your event before it has begun is giving them an opportunity to co-create the content for the experience. One way of doing this is polling.

Polling can be used for a variety of purposes with a focus on any topic related to the event:

  • Event Facilities – As event organisers, we know the struggle of finding the perfect venue that suits your message. Well, who better to know other than the audience you are trying to attract and engage with!?
  • Speakers – Finding the right speakers for your event is crucial. Not only are they a key instrument when it comes to executing your message, you want a speaker who represents your audience and their tone. A lot of organisers struggle to diversify their speakers, the use of polling can assist you on this task and can be great to receive valued feedback. You could even throw in an incentive!
  • Event Interaction – Polling is an interactive way to immerse your audience into the event theme and keep them engaged. This could be as simple as ‘agree or disagree’, which can entice the audience into engaging with one another on your event theme.

Gamification comes in many shapes and sizes, and the benefits are endless. But one thing we do know is that it’s an immersive, innovative way to engage your audience before, during and after the event. For more of an insight into how to utilise the power of pre and post-exposure for your event, keep an eye out for our next read on ‘Your event doesn’t finish when its finished’.

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