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  • Events, Experience and the Beauty of Engagement

    Events, Experience and the Beauty of Engagement


    For us, an event is experienced collectively and becomes a great personal memory. Here at Primary, we aim to create environments for people to share with likeminded others, creating a platform from which people form a collective memory. The key ingredient for a great, memorable... more

  • Driving Footfall to your Exhibition Stand

    Driving Footfall to your Exhibition Stand


    As a Live Events and Exhibitions company, here at Primary we talk a lot about the ‘live experiences' delivering the results for your events. But what on earth is a live experience? Put simply, it's an immersive experience for your delegates that ensures they go away from your... more

  • Top 10 engaging with your audience

    Top 10 engaging with your audience


    For some, presenting to an audience of few, or many, can be a daunting task. For others, our confidence can make us lose sight of the primary objective of the presentation in the first place. We offer speaker coaching as part of our service to try and avoid the following pitfalls... more

  • Adventures in the middle east

    Adventures in the middle east


    Dubai & Abu Dhabi, the perfect combination of business and leisure. Project Manager Sam recently spent a jam packed four days attending meetings, exploring and letting her hair down in both destinations.Dubai begin with 2 days at the M&I Forum hosted by The Westin hotel;... more

  • Stepping Away From The Safe Choice

    Stepping Away From The Safe Choice


    After defining your event objectives, the most common next step is the venue find.  Ensuring that your event will be in the perfect location, is easily accessible for all, and has the right facilities for your guests is paramount, but all too often the go-to option is a hotel... more

  • No Problem

    No Problem


    Your client is hosting the greatest event in the history of the organisation and nothing...I repeat, NOTHING is going to go wrong…But life isn't quite like that. Even the magical Disney films have their quota of villains; the evil Queen Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Captain... more

  • Whats your incentive

    Whats your incentive


    Incentive - Wikipedia An incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action. The study of incentive structures is central to the study of all economic activities (both in terms of individual decision-making and in... more

  • Back in the Habit

    Back in the Habit


    With the bank holiday weekend over and this week marking the start of ‘Back to School' for some of the country, it also concludes for many of us the periods of rest and Summer holidays that we've all been enjoying – it's been great! For some of us we use this time to... more

  • Did Someone Say Christmas?

    Did Someone Say Christmas?


    Christmas almost becomes the ‘dog word' of the Summer. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas – but when I'm still slapping on the suncream, drinking Pimms and relishing the next BBQ, I don't want to read that Christmas is just around the corner…126 days until Santa... more

  • With the summer nearly over…

    With the summer nearly over…


    Don't hate me but it's true, the summer is nearly over BUT hasn't it been a good one? England football pride restored thanks to Mr. Southgate, the NHS turned 70th, Love Island, the Trump blimp, the gorgeously hot weather, RAF 100 flyover, the realisation that GDPR is actually a piece... more

  • How to find the perfect venue

    How to find the perfect venue


    The annual company conference is fast approaching and it's your turn to organise. You know your boss would like a Village People theme for the evening dinner and you know your main space needs to accommodate 300 pax cabaret style, but where are you going to host it? Venue finding... more

  • The Future of the Events Industry

    The Future of the Events Industry


    The Future of the Events IndustryEvent technology has played a big part within the events industry for a long time now and its demand is ever increasing. The availability of technology and the way in which it can be used to enhance your audience event experience may not be initially... more

  • A Tale of Two Cities – The Netherlands

    A Tale of Two Cities – The Netherlands


    “The cities are a unique combination of traditional culture and modern contemporary, with event spaces that are to to be missed. The vibrant mixture of venues is refreshing, and it was fantastic to experience the highlights of a city without the hustle and bustle it usually... more

  • Creative Production

    Creative Production


    No matter how big or small the event, helping our clients achieve their event objectives with a practical yet exciting production solution is what drives us. Average isn't part of our repertoire and nor is baffling tech speak. Clear communication, creative thinking and bringing brilliance... more

  • Team Primary’s Favourite Events

    Team Primary’s Favourite Events


    The team here at Primary have all been witness at some point to the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the events world but we thought you'd appreciate our take on the good! There are some amazing public events that happen all over the world – it's interesting to take... more

  • Event Creative Content - Where to Start?

    Event Creative Content - Where to Start?


    We work with many clients who know that they want to create an event. Most of the time they know why they are hosting the event and most have an event objective – GREAT! Then comes the stumbling block…the messaging. Engaging with 150 Senior Management with 30 years'... more

  • Business Travel Fitness

    Business Travel Fitness


    Travelling for work can mean very little time doing anything particularly active. For those of us who are regular visitors of the gym, this can be frustrating to say the least. Whether your hotel has a gym or not – who is to say that your conference schedule will allow you... more

  • Top Tips on Getting People to Attend Your Event

    Top Tips on Getting People to Attend Your Event


    The London Marathon, currently known as the Virgin Money London Marathon, is a world famous running event. First held in 1981, it has continued in the Spring of each and every year afterwards becoming more and more successful as time goes by. Every year, more than 40,000 people... more

  • Need a Second Pair of Hands?

    Need a Second Pair of Hands?


    Planning an event always comes with its challenges, no matter how large or small the event audience, it's a full-time job and not always a position that is accounted for within a Company. If the latter is the case, then perhaps you need to consider outsourcing to an Event Management... more

  • So you think you want to be an Event Manager?

    So you think you want to be an Event Manager?


    ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS THAT EXCEED THE AVERAGE JOETo succeed in running a seamlessly choreographed event with a detailed (but flexible!) agenda, being well organised is a mandatory. Aside from the event agenda running like clockwork, you need to have names and phone numbers at your... more

  • How to Create Memorable Events

    How to Create Memorable Events


    If we can understand what makes things memorable then we should be able to apply this to every aspect of live events to ensure that these too are memorable. Our memory defines us, if we couldn't recall the who, what, where, when and why of our everyday lives then we wouldn't be able... more

  • The show must go on

    The show must go on


    Goole Blog: With just two weeks' notice, Primary was asked to organise and deliver a press launch… in a field. This meant no power supply, no water supply, no toilets and no indoor space. Some may think that that was quite the challenge in itself, however the main challenge... more

  •  Secret diary of an event manager

    Secret diary of an event manager


    Working in Event Management is like riding a rollercoaster – it's fast-paced, has its peaks and its troughs, its thrills and spills and you learn to expect the unexpected.Often our friends and families look upon us in awe, eager to find out where our next event will be&hellip... more

  • Unleash your creativity……….

    Unleash your creativity……….


    At some point, even the smartest of individuals suffers a ‘creative block'. The juices just don't seem to be flowing, the light bulb won't turn on and you just sit there looking at your computer or that blank white board just praying that somehow a miracle will occur, and it... more

  • Does your event have a purpose?

    Does your event have a purpose?


    Have you ever stopped to consider whether your event has a purpose? What will you gain as a company from hosting this event? If you can't think of a reason why then is there even any point in hosting an event in the first place?Whether it's a conference, a gala dinner, customer event... more

  • Top 10 turning your audience into participants

    Top 10 turning your audience into participants


    We've all been there, the event host extends his or her arms to the audience and invites questions and opinions, invites you to join them on stage…and why not?If you're honest with yourself though we've all been that person who has slid down in their seat, pretending we never... more

  • The Primary Top 5 - Event Checklist

    The Primary Top 5 - Event Checklist


    It always astounds me the sheer amount of kit that our Operations Team take with them on site when they head off to a live event. It's almost like a military operation with a list to cover every necessity or likely eventuality. As an Operations Manager or member of the Logistics... more

  • Getting People to your Event

    Getting People to your Event


    So, you're planning an event this year? Maybe it's a staff conference…gala dinner… customer engagement forum…product launch – GREAT! But have you thought about how are you going to communicate the who, where, when and how you are going to confirm numbers... more

  • Top tips to start 2018 with a pma

    Top tips to start 2018 with a pma


    New Year, New You they say…but, was there really anything wrong with the old you? Perhaps not. But post-Christmas, when the weather is miserable, and the darkness of the early morning fails to put a spring in your step, it can sometimes be hard to embrace a positive mental... more

  • How to justify your event budget?

    How to justify your event budget?


    Do you ever ask yourself why you are doing an event…what's the reason behind the annual conference…. the objective of the roadshow…..the purpose of the Gala Dinner??What is your ultimate goal? And furthermore – how do you measure the effectiveness of your... more

  • Susanne in Slovenia

    Susanne in Slovenia


    I had the privilege of attending a FAM trip to the beautiful city of Ljubljana, courtesy of the M&I Forum. It promised to be a 2-day extravaganza showcasing the best that Slovenia had to offer the events industry.Hosting the trip was the Grand Union Hotel in the heart of the... more

  • Choosing the right events agency

    Choosing the right events agency


    Employing the correct Event or Live Communications agency can demonstrate a significant return on investment in time, cost and committed spend. Here are our TOP 10 tips for choosing the right agency. First of all, there are some key questions you need to ask yourself:- What is... more

  • Primary goes to Poland - Part 2

    Primary goes to Poland - Part 2


    Following our 2 days in Warsaw, we were left wondering if Krakow could compare and offer up the same eclectic mix of venues!The journey to Krakow on the high-speed train was a delightful surprise, with a very comfortable ride (the seats reclined and each pair of seats had a bin!)... more

  • Primary goes to Poland

    Primary goes to Poland


    4 days, 2 cities, 21 venues, 118,000 steps, 48 miles walked, and one fantastic time in Poland for two members of Team Primary. Our trip started in the historical city of Warsaw and after a 2 hour, 20-minute flight from the Midlands, we were greeted with a mini-heatwave. For two... more

  • Road to ISO

    Road to ISO


    In our day to day operation as a business, like it or not there is a process behind everything we do. From a customer perspective, it is essential that individual projects have a defined methodology and process to ensure effective and efficient delivery. We knew what we were doing... more

  • Welcome To Our New Blog

    Welcome To Our New Blog


    Welcome to our Blog! With so much going on here at Primary HQ we thought it was about time we started writing about it. Summer seems like a distant memory now but for us it's been the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the slightly less manic event diary and use it to populate... more

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